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The kind of carpet cleaning seattle aims to achieve is focused not just on cleaning ones carpet but also in preserving the safety and protection of everyones health and that of the environment as well. It is about time that we stop depending on the use of strong and toxic chemicals to resolve our carpet troubles.

As the saying goes, prevention is the cure. This is one statement that we can apply when dealing with the care and maintenance of our carpets. If you do not want to end up with a very dirty carpet to clean, then why not prevent it from getting that dirty?

A very effective prevention to keep a carpet from getting soiled with food and dirt is the use of mats or rugs. Place it strategically in areas right before the area where high traffic starts, like in doorways for example. That way, it can filter out the dirt that is coming from the outside which is then carried inside by our footwear. Before getting into the house where the carpet is, people can wipe away their shoes/slippers/sandals etc. on it and shake off any loose dirt that their footwear has picked up from the outside on their way to your place. Perhaps you can instruct them verbally or you can simply just put a nice sign right above the mats or rugs. Any proper person would understand that they would have to respect your wishes in keeping your house clean.

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