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Silicone rubber, which makes silicone sheeting, is a non-reactive, stable, and extremely resistant to harsh and hostile environments, stresses and temperatures. It is widely used in industry and remains a core material or choice for a wide variety of products; from silicone sheeting, tubing and seals.

To know why it is so versatile, we need to get a little bit technical. Silicone is an inorganic synthetic elastomer, made from a cross linked, silicone based polymer. This combination brings together chemical and mechanical properties, allowing it to out perform any organic substance. Simply put, these unique properties of silicone mean it can pretty much withstand anything we throw at it. It is a highly resilient product.

It is important that in an environment where technology has a huge impact, that the reliability of materials such has silicone sheeting keeps pace. Silicone sheeting needs to ensure that its high performing properties remain ahead of the curve. To date, its flexibility, and ability to maintain its properties in extreme conditions, means it continues to make it a priority material for various industries. It seems that as manufacturers extend the products made from it, silicone sheeting continues to maintain its strong position in the market place and industry.

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